Emergency Contact Form

We need to know your people...just in case Henny Penny was right and the sky is falling...

Parent/Guardian #1(Required)
Parent/Guardian #2 in case the A team is not responding(Required)
Honestly, I'm a MOM, I'm not calling your doctor...I'm calling YOU. And if it's a DIRE situation, of COURSE I'm dialing 9-11!
Any food allergies? I like to make treats from time to time.
Fill me in- Let me know how to work through them, with them, while they are with me.
Photo Release(Required)
If I take an awesome photo of your artist that SCREAMS how fun this class is, do I have permission to use that photo on Crawfordislandart.com, facebook.com/crawfordislandart and/or instagram.com/crawfordislandart? I PROMISE only to use awesome pics!! I SWEAR!!
Let me know who is allowed to pick your sweet Cherubs up! OR if your sweet Cherub can walk to their destination.
CONSENT: Please don't SUE me. I will do EVERYTHING in my power to keep your artist safe while they are in my class. If they follow the rules of my studio, all will be well!(Required)
Agreement: Pierce your finger and sign below that you agree to all of this.(Required)