Hi Everyone!  

This a FREE project and I only have 50 available – if you are interested in picking up a project for your child or children, please come to 28 Gray Ave and I will have them available for you outside.  The only thing I don’t have for each packet is a paint brush, so let me know if you need one.

The first video below shows the measures I took to ensure the safety of this project – these packs have been sitting untouched for 10 days.  The second video is about 20 minutes long and walks you through the project – you can either do this with your kid, or set them up with the clay and video and enjoy a 20 minute break!  Just have them pause the video if they need more time to complete each step.  There is NO wrong way to do this project – they can watch the full video and then come up with their own ideas.  Just stress that they slip and score any limbs, tails, eyeballs, etc. that they are adding to the pinch pot.

These kits have self drying clay and a packet of paint.  It takes a day or two for the clay to fully dry.  Once dry, they can paint their creatures!

Please send me a picture of your finished projects or post them to my instagram or facebook pages – facebook.com/crawfordislandart instagram.com/crawfordislandart.